Robert Heinlein said, “When one teaches, two learn.” It is with this spirit that I approach my work as a teacher, teacher-educator, and mentor for my students at the University of Florida. I especially enjoy co-planning and co-facilitating with my advanced graduate (PhD) students, who provide continuous insight and learning (and relationships) that I would otherwise not have. Their energy as critical pedagogues provides the inspiration for my work.

I have worked with students from around the world, including China, Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines, Poland, England, Northern Ireland, France, Spain, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Oman, Iran, the United Arab Emirates, India, and more.

Some of the recent dissertations of my doctoral students include:

  • Higher Order Thinking Skills Among Latinx Immigrant Students in Rural Schools (D. Heffington, Mexico and the US)
  • Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Pedagogy with English Learners in Rural Schools (M. P. S. Lopez, Philippines)
  • Critical Counter Narratives among Refugee Students in Eastern Europe (A. Olszewska, Poland)
  • Teacher Knowledge and Place-Based Pedagogy in Rural Schools (N. Marichal, Puerto Rico)
  • World of Warcraft and English Language Literacy Development Among Chinese Adolescent Boys (Z. Li, China)
  • Race, Language, and Identities of Biracial Children in Multicultural Schools in South Korea (S. Cho, S. Korea)
  • The Role of Semiotics on ELLs’ Ability to Interpret Figurative Language While Watching American Television Series (T. Kimball, US)
[The image above is from UF in Ireland: Language and Culture study abroad in Gweedore, Ireland, 2016, with The Dore Community Center/Ionad Naomh Pádraig]